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Mr. Kitlitz............I hope you have found peace.

4 days ago @ Daily - CU-Boulder late-night ... · 0 replies · +2 points can happen no matter where you live and this is a lot like buying a home on a golf course and complaining that your windows keep getting broken...................or buying lakefront property and being upset when it rains and the house floods.
It's just with it or move.

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Hana, as much as I am SO relieved that you are ok, I still wanna "shake you till your teeth rattle", as my mother would have said. Shame on you for the nightmare you created for your family. Time to grow up, Honey. You likely dodged a bullet. Be grateful.
To the parents: I can't imagine what that must have been like for you. You got her back and that's an incredibly happy ending.
This is a lesson for all of you.
Blessings to this family as they surely need it. :)

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Sure hope they find her safe. Her parents must be frantic.

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"Humping a car"..............LMAO

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I taught my kids that the 1st rule of love is : You can't help who you fall in love with, good or bad, black, white, green, purple and it's nobody's business but your own.

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Well, the scene you describe hasn't always been that way and you know it.
Why are you "protesting" anyway? Put down your signs and go take one of those girls home and help them get started with their baby OR take one of the girls home and take care of her and ADOPT the baby.
Praying isn't helping tha babies.......but ACTION will.
It's a very personal and traumatic thing for a young woman to do and do you really think hearing your prayers makes her feel better?
Get off your knees, quit praying and DO SOMETHING instead of just making these women feel worse.
YOU are not their judge.

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Oh, so tragic. So young.
My heart breaks for your family.
RIP Mr. Bolen.

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I am grateful that nobody can force me to do anything with my body that I don't feel able (for whatever reason) to do.
Standing out there and waving signs and screaming Bible verses isn't helping. How 'bout someone holds up a sign that says "I will give you room and board & get you thru this and adopt your baby"?
But that isn't gonna happen, is it?

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About 20 years ago I had a gynecologist appt. at Boulder Women's Clinic and I arrived for my appt. to find a huge crowd all around the driveway and the gate was closed. A security guard asked for my ID, called me in and they said "Yeah, she has an appt." so he brought us in. YES, this place does abortions but that was not the reason for my appt., like it's anyone's business. However, the crowd of extremely well-dressed people (you could smell the money) were waving signs and screaming obscenities at my husband and me as we drove thru. It was pretty scary. I don't get where they think this is a solution to anything...............if ya REALLY wanna help, advertise that you will take in a young pregnant girl and help her to raise her child or adopt a child. They were so violent and rude it went against their "caring" cause.