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Max, your porch light is flickering.

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I never said I was assaulted. Get your story straight, Crazy Old Man.

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Merry Christmas, Aiden.

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Ironic thing is he woulda gotten away with it for a lot longer if he wasn't too lazy to mow the lawn and keep up the property, causing neighbors' suspicions.

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Thank you for making a difference in this world, Brittni.
Your Dad is proud of you.

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And not one honest cop in sight.............

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I've had this one. The callers are from the Domincan Republic. They "copy" phone numbers by buying a "Magic Jack". Ya know those commercials where they say to buy that and "keep your own number"? What they don't tell you is that you can put in ANY working number and steal it.

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Did the white people riot and burn down towns when OJ was acquitted? Ummmm.............NO.

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That is a truly ignorant statement.
They are no more a death trap than any other abode.
This was clearly human error..............99 cent extension cords will gladly burn down ANY house, they don't discriminate.

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When my first husband and I first got married we lived on Grandview and I used to walk over there and marvel at the history. I was fascinated by the stories the tombstones told. When our daughter was about 8 I took her there to show her and all we got to see was garbage, destroyed headstones, needles and booze bottles on the ground and some guy talking to a tree. I was disappointed she never got to enjoy the history of it. Of course, we never went back.