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I know the drawing is over but, don't forget us here at the DH Blog! Please keep offer us interesting new tidbits about the property!

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Thanks for divulging a bit more about the kitchen, Gail! That Lazy Susan is the best! The DH designers think of everything! I don't have cable so I am always perusing the photos and videos on the web. That's why I am always excited when the full episode video gets posted. Then I can watch it anytime I want. Here is the link if anyone else needs it to continue their obsessing!

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What I find fascinating is how the designer comes out in all of us in our homes from our exposure to all of the HGTV website and TV shows. It is interesting to see how Linda chose the artwork to fit into her style choices for the Green Home and they turned out great. We do the same in our homes with our choices. Some of the artwork looks best alone without accents. But, other artwork looks even better when paired with other design features. Look around your home now. I bet there is at least a corner in which you paired or set up something to work on your own. might have taken a tip from watching one of your favorite design shows but, you probably customized it and put your own polish on it to fit your space. Seeing the staging of the Green Home has really brought us together in defining our own styles using green design techniques. Yes, we may have adopted some design ideas but, now we own them and I think that many of the HGTV shows have given us the tips to complete our little green homes. Whomever wins this home is truly blessed but, we all take home a little bit of green from the experience of the sweepstakes and the input from Gail and Mary to keep us blogging! Good Luck to everyone who enters and let's keep blogging about green ideas!

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Wow Mimi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It is nice that you can personify it for all of us who are unable to visit the home. It makes it seem "real" and not just a pipe dream! I noticed that you think there should have been a pocket door on the powder room? Was it really that tight of a squeeze to fit in? Yikes! Thanks again for your post!

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You know, that is a good question. I think I saw someone post that it is just like closing on any house which is about 30 days. I think that would put move in around July 20th or so. Anyone else know how it works?

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I love Black-eyed Susans! I grew up in Colorado and we had yellow ones that covered our entire side garden and they looked fabulous! They were mixed in with some purple flowers and some orange poppies. The bold colors were so amazing! The combination was an accident because we didn't think that the flowers we had there the year before would come back but they did and what a beautiful fluke it was!

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This probably sounds goofy but, I am curious about whether or not HGTV does an inspection before delivery of the home? If some of the landscaping dies do they replace it? If something is accidentally broken or damaged during the tours, do they fix and/or replace those items? Do they remove the items that were used for staging the home such as the bowls of apples and peaches? If the food items in the pantry are expired by the time the house is delivered, do they replace those? I realize that the other large items in the home are under warranty and you go directly to the manufacturer for repairs and replacements. But, I guess I am curious about the other things.

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Well, Mary is just giving us a tease! These pics are a little dated. There is already a model home on the East side and a temporary visitors lot on the West side. But, the pics really give us a sense of the lot size and a great view of the great landscaping! It truly is a cozy spot on the map.

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Hi Marie - The side door is off the garage. You catch a brief glimpse of it just before Jamie introduces the mud room on the TV special.

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Is the stairwell a room? I love looking up through the banister to the top and seeing the pattern which seems to go on forever.