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Send him to Low A!

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If Dee Gordon can keep up even a high .300 OB% he has to leadoff and be there every game.


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Here's part of BA's scouting report on Pederson:

Pederson’s most glaring offensive hole is against lefthanders, who turn him into a completely different player. He hit .316/.420/.609 against Double-A righthanders but lefties held him to a .200/.299/.269 line, and 20 of his 22 homers came against righties. He tends to fly off and get pull-conscious against southpaws, so he needs to do a better job staying through the baseball and using the left-center field gap. Pederson runs a tick above-average and makes good use of his wheels on the bases, with the potential for 20-30 stolen bases per year. He’s not a burner, but he did a better job improving his routes and jumps in center field this season with a solid-average arm. He’s solid defensively in center field but could slide over to a corner depending on which outfielders the Dodgers hold on to from their current surplus. The Dodgers have a crowded outfield picture before even considering Pederson with Puig, Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford and Andre Ethier in Los Angeles. Despite that, he he could force his way to Los Angeles at some point in 2014, possibly by Opening Day depending on what moves the Dodgers make. With his patience, power, speed and athleticism, Pederson has the skills to contribute in all phases of the game as an above-average everyday player, with even greater potential if he can improve against lefthanders.

Two things about Pederson:

1. I am not sure he's a CF; and

2. Right now, he's worse than Andre Ethier against lefties.

You may WANT Pederson to be the Dodgers CF of the future, but I remain unconvinced, much like I was about Gordon/ However, Dee is starting to show us something. Dee is closer to being a major league player than Joc.

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I have no buffering problems on the following:



Home computer


I do have occasional problems at the office because Comcast Business sucks!

It has to do with your devices.


You have to pick a IP Address across the country...

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Don\'t get too excited - the D-Backs are a bad team. Kind of like the Indiana Pacers!

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Give up. No way! Also, I don\'t see it happening in Indy. I have made the point however, that since the Dodgers have two farm teams in the Midwest, and their AAA affiliate is a killer of pitchers and hitters (due to skewed results), Indy would make a perfect AAA club for the Dodgers. They would still have Rancho for a rehab assignment but all three of their main minor league teams would be within a 5 hour drive of each other.

Yes, it would be good for me, but it also makes sense.

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See, here's the deal - It is a suggestion and something I would do. You can disagree, but don't be stupid when you do. That's all. It's an opinion, not an absolute fact.

Learn this - some of the best trades look bad at the time, but look good later.

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TMWISH (he were smarter) speaks in absolutes. There is no grey area (maybe no gray matter either). He's right - only his opinion counts. I guess he's a legend in his own mind. You go boy!

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It\'s not a joke - Dodger fans may think it is too much to give up but Baltimore fans will think it is not enough.