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I personally think Brian Johnson is solid and is providing a kick ass resource in PN. Who has time to dive into all those amazing books? He has cut to the chase and if it means more folks have access to, and easily understand critically important teachings, all the better! The guy is bright. If it were some chump doing this, I would have an issue, but I trust him and his offerings.

I'm actually shocked that someone would think this is spiritual materialism. How is it different than Byron Katie or Eckhart Tolle writing a book, working their ass off, and wanting to get compensated? I'm happy to pay teachers whatever I can. It is money well spent.

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I agree with this guy. The timing is close to use your nimble ass and innovate, grass roots style. Big biz like prana and patagonia are also struggling. Stop looking to them. It's time for the NEW

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This would have been a fun post had you actually put these cats real photos in there. Kinda stupid to put in real shots of some of them and not others. What were you trying to prove on that one?

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solid stuff brother! can't wait for more unpackin' of it all.

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Dude. I love the bloody nose example. BRING IT. GET OFF THE FREAKIN' MAT and get back in the game! HELL YES!

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Yo Brian. great stuff bro. Lovin' the TV vibe. Crushinator!

1 thing? gratitude practice.



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Haji. Great questions for us to consider. Thanks!

Here's a piece I wrote a while back. The comments following the post are very much worth reading:



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I was involved in Tibetan Buddhism here in the states. I received my grad degree from Naropa, a Buddhist institution. It has been much debate whether Buddhism is a philosophy or a religion. Either way, it's the practice that counts.

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Paul. it's now up. they said it got marked as spam due to the links....

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I left a long reply today, but it seems it got deleted by someone. bummer.