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1) Replying to a six-year-old post is generally not a good practice, as it often yields no results.

2) You\'re lucky, despite the above. There\'s a back-up of those pieces here, on this website. http://invisible-movement.net/articles/old-blog

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You have quickly turned this into a personal attack and neither of your claims are true. But that does not metter. The point wasn't that you're a problem for having started this particular thread drift, but that we should not be discussing it in comments on an interview. I understand that you won't get the audience you want on the message board, but this is not the right place for what-ifs. This is an off-topic. So, please, stop. And stop manipulating people for your own pleasure.

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I don't like getting involved in anon comment rants, but I have to.

The woman's story was not pushed to the media by John himself. The paparazzi/gossip site TMZ got hold of the news through their sources and just...went with it. The whole idea of somebody working for the court selling writings on legal disputes to anybody is scarier than the incident itself. It's primarily they who don't care if somebody's life is ruined.

Why are we discussing this woman anyway? Why vent your personal frustrations and then claiming you're not allowed free speech on here? The woman was not covered on this website *because* we did not want to contribute to ruining a person's life, and almost three years later, there is suddenly a random discussion about her.

At the same time, calling John super-polite, decent et cetera does not make sense either - nobody is universally kind to everybody. He's probably horrible to some folks, as we all are. Neither extreme is good.

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I know, but others might not, so I had to state it either way. It's a responsibility.

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You don't want to search through my mailbox. I could compile a folder and label it "Creepy as Heck, Kvark!" ...

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This article never states that he's doing anything, for the sake of performance anxiety, stage fright, privacy concerns, personal philosophy and everything else that could be. We love him and we want him to be comfortable in his position, wherever he goes and whatever he is doing. :)

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Hi, I can mail it to you, the oldschool way if it's nowhere to be found online.

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The last two sentences in this news item are:

"Also, if anybody is willing to give a try to translating at least some of the Japanese feature - that would be awesome. The community depends on volunteers."

It helps to read each news item from beginning to the end. Either way, two people applied to give this a go and since the Duran Duran fan sites also seem to be interested, I too hope these two people can get something done, depending on their free time. :)

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Joe, I just added the official news to Monday\'s news item. You might want to have a look. http://invisible-movement.net/2014/05/rza-on-john...

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Male feminists are awesome, so...more power to you and less power to him. :)