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Great letter, Jim! Pointed and funny. Shows how "tortured" is the logic of torture fans.

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"What's our water doing on the West Slope?" is pretty much "What's our oil doing under their sand?" Only it's harder to demonize Westerners -or bomb them back to the stone age.

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The pathetic state of the far right is reflected in their juvenile use of name-calling, trmkc's "Mark Uterus" and garloo's "Hole man." How did you cowardly, anonymous guys get out of elementary school? BTW I've been a severe critic of Mark Udall having written this http://spryeye.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-sen-mark-u... and this: http://Vote.org/udall But I use facts and logic, not name calling. Na na na na na!

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Sorry pot-haters. No boogie man here! Actually, medical marijuana states have 9% less traffic fatalities: http://www.denverpost.com/ci_19437417 and 10% less suicides among young men: http://www.medicaldaily.com/medical-marijuana-cut... It seems when pot is more available, alcohol sales decrease. If you need a boogie man, pick on booze. Alcohol has NO medical use other than killing germs (and brain cells) while marijuana has hundreds of medical uses.

In a few years we'll have even better results from states with totally legal pot! What will pot haters do? Will they move to a totalitarian country where pot still gets you imprisoned?

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Make Google let everyone use their buses. Empty bus seats, empty car seats, empty rooms in houses, etc. all suck energy and space for nothing.

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"As long as everyone is video-ing everyone else, justice will be done!" -Marge Simpson

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Canyonrunner etc: They don't teach it except in Constitutional Law, but the First Principle of the US is "the People are Sovereign." This means the people's vote trumps the vote of representatives in this case. That's why, for example, state ballot initiatives DON'T have to be signed by the governor, as do laws passed by the legislature.

EXCEPT FOR BALLOT INITIATIVES, this isn't a democracy, but a kakistocracy http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/kakistocracy Same root as "caca"!

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That's "redress," not "regress." Regress is when things go backwards like here, where the few are asserting "rights" that trump a vote of the actual majority of people, not a majority of "representatives." More below...

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To compare the disruption of rebuilding Gross Reservoir with that of Horsetooth Reservoir is horse hockey. Horsetooth is on the PLAINS. Gross is almost 2000' vertical higher, on tiny, windy mountain roads. All those heavy trucks will pulverize those roads, annoy all residents grinding up and down for 10 years, etc.

The injustice is that disruption and taking water from the Western Slope -Frasier and Colorado Rivers- which needs it for agriculture, recreation, fishing etc. and bring it to Denver to increase population, lawns and political power. Already the Colorado River almost never reaches the sea, and the delta is mostly dead.

If a flood (ever seen one here??), earthquake (or terrorist) ever breaks a higher Gross Res dam, it's all over for everyone below.

Here's what the EPA said this summer, in opposing the dam: http://www.dailycamera.com/boulder-county-news/ci...

All that's really needed is water conservation.