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While I sympathize with Benson's intent, I must point out that Nixon's statement about solar for the 21st century was repeating the standard claim of the fossil corps: That solar was 20 years in the future. Actually, the Anasazi built their "cliff houses" so that the sun would enter their windows in the winter but were shaded by the cliffs in the winter. With the invention of glass, solar heating became easy. In 1978 I documented 120 solar homes around Taos, NM, which was 2% off all homes then. Many cost LESS than regular homes as they had no furnaces, only small wood stoves for the very coldest days. The High Country News made it their lead story, which I've put here: http://evanravitz.com/solar I brought all the research I did for the NM Solar Energy Assoc to Boulder and offered it free to the energy office. They weren't interested. They were bureaucrats who were only interested in weather stripping then.

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Plus ca change, plus c'est the meme chose. In the 90s, the Regents were refusing to divest from apartheid South Africa. I ran into Regent Bob Sievers at a sumptuous feast in the Ballroom. I said, "If the Nazis were the best investment, would you put CU $ in them?" He said, "that's a hypothetical." I said, "I'm appealing to your conscience, Bob." He said, "I don't have one." I said, "then I'd have no compunction in destroying you." He said, "I'm joking." I said, "not very funny, Bob. We're not going to leave you alone until you do the right thing. Unlike your victims in South African prisons, you can just walk away from me." He hemmed and hawed and left the buffet. Bob Sievers, centi-millionaire kingmaker, couldn't take the heat.

These "representatives" are trained in 2 things: sucking their max (of money, power and status) and kissing up and sh*tting down. Let the students decide where their money goes, not these political prostitutes.

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The slight pause in atmospheric warming is almost certainly because the oceans have been absorbing the heat -resulting in destruction of coral reefs and the fish that live on them: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/08/1...

All that heat has to go somewhere. Mother nature has given us a bit of time to get our lives together, but the filth-lovers rule.

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Yes. I meant I don't play the market. I'm not in this life for the money. I'm in it for the life.

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None. Only owned 1 share of Molycorp in my life. But solar is exploding and people are stopping fracking everywhere (last week in Denton, TEXAS!) so oil and gas are a bad investment -at least in the long run.

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Congrats, Boulderites! Funny how the Camera's ad server came up with the perfectly stupid suggestion, "Invest In Gas and Oil Wells" at the top of my page. Sure, if you want to lose money while destroying your kids' future! Invest in horses and buggies too!

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I'm glad people see how wrong Manas 53 is. People weren't confused when they used BALLOT INITIATIVES TO legalize pot in AK CO OR DC WA and gay marriage in ME MD WA, and raise minimum wage in AK AR NE SD, just in the last 2 elections .http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/26822-focus-open-letter-to-democrats-from-a-disillusioned-young-voter and http://Vote.org/initiatives

Candidates lie, but with ballot initiatives, you get what you vote for. True, some are so lengthy that "poison pills" are hidden in back pages, but crowds of people on the internet find most of those. The best proposal for NATIONAL initiatives limits them to 5000 words: http://Vote.org. If you can't be clear in 5000 words, maybe you're hiding something

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The Kids are All Right!

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Dems lost but DIRECT DEMOCRACY won on Tues. #DirectDemocracy legalized pot in AK CO OR DC WA and gay marriage in ME MD WA, raised minimum wage in AK AR NE SD, just in the last 2 elections. More at http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/26... and http://Vote.org/initiatives

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Boulder (the govt, as opposed to the people) has hired the most anal-retentive bureaucrats available. (That's a medical term, not a swear, Camera censors.) Whether it was banning us entertainers outright, preventing musicians from selling recordings, preventing "personal services" like hair-braiding and tarot readerrs, preventing kids from playing hackey-sack on the Mall, or tearing down rope swings into the Creek, Boulder was always ready to spend any amount to protect people from anything that could be construed as cooties, boogie-men, commies, etc. Is Tom Carr real or just a Carricature?