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Thanks for the details I lacked. You're right by American standards. But in most of the world 650 sq feet is for a family of 6 or more. Here it's probably for 1 or 2, and in Boulder it's illegal for more than 3 unrelated people to live in most units of any size. I can easily live in 100 sq ft. My laptop has replaced most paper records, photos, CDs, magazines, newspapers and books, not to mention stereo, TV, alarm clock and radio. Technology can and should simplify, not expand the rat race.

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It really stokes their egos that the few can trump laws made by the many. Boulder Exceptionalism. I'm all for density, the real scientific kind: smaller units instead of luxury ones stacked up high.

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You're welcome. they just copied the limits that are the default in Colorado and the US.

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As the originator of the petition which led to this, let me assure you they are NOT allowed on unpaved paths. They are also limited to 750 watts (ONE horsepower) and 20 mph without pedaling. Any racer can go 30.

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Right. This is about full employment for Transpo Division, which created a whole website about this, held a dozen meetings, etc. A Council of leaders would have talked about it for 5 minutes and said, "Let's try it."

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Thanks, but do it for your own sake. There's nothing like an ebike to help get back in shape and to save 99% of the money you spend on gas -and the climate.

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We voted to "treat marijuana like alcohol." Responsible parents don't leave their booze within kids' reach and same for pot. At least you can't cut yourself on a broken pot bottle.

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I bet it's kind of like when Boulder in the early 80s banned my tightrope show on Pearl St., and repeatedly arrested mime David Shiner -who went on to fame as the main Ringmaster of Cirque du Soleil, had his own show on Broadway, etc. They (the businessmen who pressured the City) were so afraid of hippies they shot themselves in the foot and Mall revenues decreased. Their greed finally trumped their hatred, but it took years. Details: http://spryeye.blogspot.com/2009/02/why-ive-devot...

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Udall may well be the lesser evil but he is NO environmentalist. He approves of fracking, offshore drilling, free CO2 pollution permits for coal plants and increased subsidies for nukes. See the mainstream media stories linked at: http://spryeye.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-sen-mark-u...

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"Fast-tracking" used to be called "railroading," as in smashing thru obstacles, like democracy, transparency and debate. They only do this because they have to, to get this atrocity through without every representative losing their seat at the next election. This is NAFTA on steroids, the NAFTA that shipped millions of US jobs overseas, and forced some 10 million Mexican small farmers and their families out of business and to the slums or here, or into drug/gang/kidnapping for a living. Colorado's bigtime "Democrat" politicians were very instrumental in NAFTA.