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Israel gets all electronic information on USA citizens, courtesy of NSA, including emails and phone conversations of its entire administration and leadership - this made news round the world and hardly any mention of it showed in USA mass media.
Having access to all dirty secrets of USA leadership (unless they communicate with mistresses via pigeons) makes Israel pretty much in charge of American leadership.

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I guess the news that Israel gets all electronic information on USA citizens, including emails and phone conversations of its entire administration and leadership is not news to editors of New York Times. That they are entirely UNsurprised, is, I guess, not news either.

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Palestinians never had partner for peace.

You can dress the reality any way you like, crying loud about what people say while sweeping under carpet what people do: So let's turn down volume on endless accusing talk and look at the actions. And believe me, what Zionists do to native people is nothing short of race hate crime, rabbinic religious justifications notwithstanding.

In Area C which is Jordan Valley of Palestine, which comprises 60% of West Bank, and where Israel, and not Palestinian Authority is in charge, we have some figures, recently published for a first time: between 2000 and 2007 there were 94 (ninety four) building permits issued to Palestinians, some for the repairs to existing structures. 18830 new dwellings were build for Jewish only Israelis, and 1993 Palestinian homes were demolished.

If this figures do not strike you as racist, then you may remain a moral authority to Zionists, but should be ignored by anybody else who professes post Jim Crowe western morality on race.

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Ned Sadeh, Israel 's actions of repeatedly showing middle finger to USA Administration makes more and more Americans wholeheartedly support your proposal. It will immediately improve average morality of both countries, Israel and USA.

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Tiger71, hasbara is for EXTERNAL consumption. Don't waste your time posting here.

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So the removal of the key pillar (of unilateral action) of building settlements didn't damage Oslo Accords but the removal of key pillar (of unilateral action) of UN vote does damage Oslo Accords. I like your logic.

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Dear Sydney Pfeiffer:
"From Time Immemorial" by Joan Peters was a hoax, and has been widely recognised as such by entire body of experts, including those Zionists who had to do it through the clenched teeth.

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Israel, in 2008, calculated the need for calories in Gaza at 2290 which was 170 trucks per day. They then allowed 67 trucks per day (their own figures). This means that Israel deliberately pegged the amount of food coming to Gaza at 902 calories. The agreement between Israel and Egypt states that the Egypt-Gaza crossing is for people traffic only.
You can have a truce between Israel and Gaza. But as long as Palestinian children are left malnourished by deliberate actions of Israel, no amount of guided missile surgical strike assassination is going to make world want to make peace with Israel. You cannot starve or bomb people into liking you.

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You painted a picture of Israeli attack, in the international waters, on Mavi Marmara that nobody who was there would recognize. Most of all the team of pathologists who did the post-mortem on the victims, and found real multiple bullets in the brains of those shot at short range by Israeli commandos.
Returning to the premise of the article, you are implying that the Anti-Jewish sentiment is a reason for people's concern with situation in Gaza, and not the fact that a historically unprecedented military, long term siege of three quarter of a million of children and minors is taking place in front of the world with a tacit approval of Americans.

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If you want to avoid one state solution, move your backside to get two state solution. Like in any negotiations, if you offer is close enough to what your opposite side wants, they will go for it. Not like you don't know what it is. But if you cannot get democratic majority in Israel to agree to it, then by default, Israel is choosing South Africa fate.