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If your cable line up does not include DIY Network, you can watch the first Blog Cabin

episode on You Tube. If you have already seen it, you can catch up with what you missed the

second time around! : )

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DIY Blog Cabin 2016:

How many ways can you recycle a boat? : )

Or, you can buy a previously owned boat, restore it, and ride the waves with the dolphins.

“Dance with the Dolphins”

You may remember “Riko” of “No Boring Concrete” on the 2014 DIY Blog Cabin show,

He’s back again for a second round of demonstrating his skills with designer concrete.

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Congratulations, Theresa Smith!

Viewing the HGTV Smart Home 2016 Giveaway Special today was a joy. Theresa’s gratitude

and appreciation was expressed throughout the program.

Another Smart Home……….

“When there is no ceiling, the sky’s the limit.”

Congratulations to Scripps Networks executive, Kathleen Finch, who has recently received the honor

of “Woman of the Year” by the Women in Cable Telecommunications organization.

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Thank you, Alice. I enjoy your posts, too! : )

Alice, I’ll have to respectfully disagree with you in regards to popularity issues. The point

taking is very unfriendly.and hostile. Over 1,000 points have been deleted from my


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Thank you, Alice! We’re heading to a beautiful destination. Michigan has over 11,000 inland lakes

and borders on four of the Great Lakes.

“Seeking Michigan”

“Woah-oh-oh! It’s always a good time!”

The Great Outdoors:

Designing outdoor living areas extends the spatial flow of a home from the inside to the

outside and the opportunities for seasonal entertaining.

The floor plans for the Ann Arbor Urban Oasis include an outdoor living space, garage porch,

and front porch.

While we wait for the reveal, check out HGTV Urban Oasis designer, Brian Patrick Flynn’s recent

outdoor project!

“Behind the Scene: Brian Patrick Flynn Discusses His New Outdoor Space”

“Brian Patrick Flynn - Outdoor Living”

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Catch up on "Florida’s Forgotten Coast" this weekend. : )

"Florida’s Forgotten Coast"

"Local Waters, Ancient Byways............”

“The Great Florida Birding Trail”

“The Estuary”

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Things are looking up today at HGTV's Urban Oasis in Ann Arbor.

Will you give a “heads up” to Brian Patrick Flynn’s striped, vaulted ceiling or will you “take the Fifth"

on the fifth wall, waiting for the big reveal?

Brian Patrick Flynn:

“On site visits I purposely avoid looking like a designer so the crew won’t hate me for, let’s say,
having to paint stripes on vaulted ceilings in the summer.”

Looking up striped ceilings?

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Imaginary creatures appears in portals all over the sidewalks, posts, and curbs of Ann Arbor.
The whimsical characters drawn with chalk are created by David Zinn, one of the featured
artists of Ann Arbor’s Street Art Fair. He turns the world upside down and topsy-turvy
with pigs that fly, skies below you, and new dramatic dimensions.

The transience of temporary art demands immediate viewing and appreciation. Instagram,
You Tube, and David’s Zinn’s new book will give all a chance to view!

Autumn leaves……

When pigs fly……

The sky beneath you……..

Down the drain?

Beast in a well……

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Lindingo, I’ll wait to see the final design for now; but I will say that living in a M. C. Escher

lithograph has never crossed my mind! : )