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Yet Health Care IS a right....

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Yeah, and she also promised that this would be the most ethical Congress ever....

Mark my words, she'll get reelected again and again, but she won't be the Speaker anymore. I personally know people TODAY that still plan on voting for her in the future.

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I always liked Bruce Springsteen's music, but I'm pretty sure that him and Ebert have always been off the deep end, it just ends up in the public at some point or another.

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Next thing we'll hear from Mister Ebert is that he's an inside-the-closet teabagger himself.

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Everybody's favorite unindicted co-conspirator is dead.

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With the Germans behaving in this manner towards Home-Schooling, and having people's children arrested over it, it 's not so hard to see how Nazi Germany came about. Fascists.

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lol. Reminds me of Babu from Seinfeld. "You are a very very bad Journalist, Breitbard. Very bad!"

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If the Democrats and the SEIU had their way, all Black Americans would still be called by that disgusting name.