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You don't want to let the phone go past three ringy-dingies, Eugenia, or HGTV might move on to Someone Else!

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I'd more likely end up on 'Dancing with the Czars!' And you know what happened to them -- they got cut from the line-up rather quickly!

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Do you think Linda Woodrum might know how to tango? I guess the only way to find out is to ask!

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Hmm, black and white -- chic and sleek. Blue and gold -- sophisticated style. Put them together and you get amazingly inviting! I wouldn't have guessed that melding classic and contemporary with those four color choices would bring on the glamor without overpowering the room.

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I may be out of the country, but I still find a spare minute or two to comment!

My favorite spot by far is the main living room space. It's certainly not traditional in the usual sense, but obviously cozy enough to charm just about anyone.

As for the understated kitchen and minimalist dining room, I'll hold my fire until I see something more my style.

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Thank you for the good wishes, Lea81194. It's true, I'm well-traveled and you might even say well-worn! But still enjoy being out and seeing the world. Will the next stop be Martha's Vineyard? Who knows -- anything can happen -- which is why I plan to be home in a few weeks when the folks from HGTV are planning their surprise visit.

It may not be me who gets the knock on their door, but someone surely is going to get an awesome surprise. Will it be a fellow dreamer?

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Don't sigh for me, fellow dreamas -- the truth is, I'm in Argentina. Ah, but despite the geographical distance, I've still got the Dream Home on my mind. So though I am busy sightseeing, I thought I'd better learn the tango while I'm here so I can dance up a storm in case the HGTV Surprise Team shows up at my door in a few weeks.

If it's Someone Else who wins, I'll be happy for them too, and I'll still know how to dance.

Let the dance and the dreams continue!

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Well, Ashtabulannie, you've got me doing some serious thinking about the next Urban Oasis location. On that note, how about Waikiki? But not to stop there -- oh no, not at all. With a little help from Jack T, we could go on with a triple tropical treat -- so follow it up with a Kauai Dream Home and score a home run with a Smart Home in Maui.

Ready when you are, Jack T!

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As Zim Ugochukwu, founder of Travel Noire shares with us, start traveling at a young age and you'll never tire of a lifetime of travel adventures.

Be it solo, duo or with the whole family, I say travel, travel, travel -- especially internationally. It broadens the mind and opens the eyes to other cultures; the arts, history, architecture and quite simply, a different way of looking at daily life.

As they say, nothing could be finer than to be in mainland China in the morning. Or Guatemala, Indonesia, Slovenia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania....

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Some great ideas for a garage conversion, Laurie. I've considered it. With three spaces and two cars, I'd be able to manage it -- as long as I thoughtfully allowed for some storage space elsewhere in the garage -- maybe overhead.

I like the idea of a dedicated home office. So does Terri, since I'm currently using her room as my study. She'd like to have me spend my computer and work time elsewhere so she could have some privacy.

The pub idea is also very appealing. That would fit right into my lifestyle whether I'm home alone or entertaining. Then there's the added value to the home with the additional square footage.

On the other side of that equation is the fact that I'm toying with the idea of buying a hybrid or electric car. If I do, that would take up the third garage stall. Parking a vehicle outside in the hot sun is not an option when living in the desert.

Hmm, the saga is to be continued...