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No way I'm giving up my microwave! I love all of the microwaveable bags of fresh produce now available, and I find I eat more vegetables now that I can just nuke them and eat. If you are a baker, microwaves are great for melting butter or chocolate, and I find I can even toast nuts in them. And there is no better way to heat up leftover rice than in a microwave, not to mention most other leftovers. Lately I have been making a sort of quesadilla with a whole grain wrap, grated cheese, and tomatoes -- the cheese melts perfectly, and it tastes like a grilled cheese sandwich with a lot less bread. While I would never make an entire meal in our little microwave, the convenience factor has earned it a forever home in our kitchen!

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At long last the suspense is over. Congratulations to lovely Laura and her lucky family! I can't wait to see their reaction when they actually get to visit their beautiful new home, and I can't wait to start guessing the location for Dream Home 2015!

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I like the look of black fencing, and it can be practical as well. A lot of Kentucky horse farms traditionally painted their wood plank fencing with black creosote to keep horses from chewing on the wood. Nowadays there are safer and more practical alternatives, but that look of black plank fencing is classic:

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Too much tech talk for me. I rarely use my cell phone, don't do apps, and have no interest in Instagrams. Oh, and I eat marshmallows occasionally, but have no desire to make my own (certainly not with photo images on them!). I do sound a little grouchy, don't I?

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I'd definitely eat that pie (hopefully not the whole thing, but I make no promises). My favorite way to eat peanut butter is on celery sticks (about 4 times more peanut butter than celery). I refuse to admit that I eat the stuff right out of the jar, no matter what you may have heard!

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Wow, nice! The man can really play. Thanks, Alice and Soney!

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The waiting game for the drawing ends, and now the waiting game to find out who won begins! Should I put out shamrock-green balloons so you can find my house, HGTV? I'll be waiting for you, as will millions of others -- may the luck of the Irish bless us all in March!

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The colorful Shawn Colvin library is my favorite, too. I even like the wallpaper, and I am not normally a fan of wallpaper. I'm ready to curl up in that comfy window seat with a good mystery novel and a cup of tea right now!

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I love taking these types of quizzes, but I took this one four times and got four different results (romance, explorer, modern, and vintage)! LOL! Am I really all over the place like that, or is it something about the quiz? Anyone else take it more than once? And I am definitely not the romance or vintage type, BTW!

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A warm welcome to Virginia Moon! I look forward to your comments about the beautiful Dream Home 2014! And thank you for your stint as our fearless leader here, Liz -- see you back at the Design Happens blog!