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I love the color scheme -- those are the sorts of colors I would choose! I have to agree with previous comments and guess the art in the middle is by David Bromstad. Thanks for the sneak peek, Virginia!

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Awww, they're actually kinda cute (and at least they are alive and not stuffed!). I sure hope that this is not their repertoire:


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Oh, too funny, Coop! But be careful or we could end up with one of these in the UO:


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Maybe Lindsay's chandeliers are custom-made to look similar to the ones in the photo. The right angles on hers are not curved, and seem to be joined by simple connectors. I don't think her chandeliers would be too difficult to make for someone who knows what they are doing, even easier than this one:


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So nice to finally see the floor plan and time lapse photos -- thank you, Virginia! As for the laundry room mystery, I'm going to guess that the smaller of the two mechanical rooms, which now has a pocket door, is the laundry room with stacked washer/dryer, and the access to the master closet from the hallway is a convenient way to get clothes from one space to the other. I love the large pantry in the kitchen, and the long balcony. I can't wait to see the next batch of time lapse photos!

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I love an outdoor living room as long as it is cool outside. I despise heat and humidity. Here in Georgia I only use the deck in the very late fall, winter, and early spring months. When we lived in Colorado, I enjoyed being outside more often, unless the weather was absolutely unbearable (I even liked shoveling snow off the deck on a cold but sunny morning, because I'm just weird that way). Since we lived in the foothills mosquitoes were not much of a problem, so I was outdoors a lot. We had a T-house built in the back yard for lounging, but I found that I spent more time doing things rather than just sitting around. We even had a small hot tub, and a big outdoor table for dining al fresco. So I guess outdoor living spaces make sense to me as long as the climate is appropriate, and for me that climate is cool and dry rather than hot and humid!

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Love that bedspread, Lindingo, and of course the rocking bed. As long as the weather cooperates, your terrace could serve as another guest bedroom, and it would be perfect as a private sanctuary. What a great way to use this space!

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I think anyone would be happy to go out and play on your fun and functional terrace, Coop! You've inspired me to seek out my own furnishings for this space. First of all, I would mix and match pieces from Snug's Lo Rider Furniture Collection depending on how much space is available:


This rug would complement my furniture nicely:

Bali Grey/Gold Geometric Rug: http://www.allmodern.com/Oriental-Weavers-Bali-Gr...

A few pillows and lanterns would add a cozy touch:

Wayborn Decorative Pillows: http://www.allmodern.com/Wayborn-Decorative-Pillo...

Woodland Imports Metal Lanterns: http://www.allmodern.com/Woodland-Imports-Metal-L...

And just to add a jolt of color, a few bright orange ceramic planters strategically placed:

Okura Wide Mouth Planters: http://www.allmodern.com/Jonathan-Adler-Okura-Wid...

As for the outdoor grill, I'll leave that for my husband to play with, as I don't do grilling!

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We have a ceiling fan in our master bedroom, but my husband does not like the air moving over him while he sleeps. Of course I love it, so it gets to be a touchy subject sometimes, which may be why some people avoid ceiling fans!

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This is a great living room design, ut4evr! I almost went with a similar lounge chair with a wood frame, but ended up using a chaise lounge instead. Maybe I should change my mind, move the chaise lounge into the master bedroom, and go with the leather lounge chair in the living room instead! That rug really is fabulous, and it fits many different styles. We are running out of rooms to furnish, so I hope we get a new thread from Virginia soon.