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Happy D.B Cooper Day, Coop (yes, the 44th anniversary of Cooper's infamous caper)! The location clues for the next Dream Home are always my favorite, but like everyone here I love everything about the whole process. I would probably be one of the speechless ones if I ever won. As for my favorite moment, for me that would have to be touring the Kiawah Island DH and visiting Charleston for the first time as well. I wonder if they will be doing any more tours in the future? I'm glad I got my chance when I did. Can't wait for your next post, so keep them coming!

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Another great post, Coop! You must be having a blast coming up with these, but does this mean you are no longer eligible to enter for the giveaway? Also, will you be coming up with the location clues for the next DH? If so, we could be in serious trouble, as you are so clever that your clues are sure to be diabolically devious!

My hands down favorite Doggy Dream Home is the dog room in the 2014 Lake Tahoe DH. My girls are indoor pups, and the more space they have the better, so a roomy nook in the Dream Home all to themselves would suit them to a "T"! I wonder what the Merritt Island Doggy Dream Home will look like -- maybe a boat? That would be fun!

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Whoa, I've been away from the blog for a while, and when I return I find that our inimitable DBCoop is now posting for us! Great job, Coop, and I have no problem giving my thoughts and opinions about Dream Home favorites. I am in the minority in that I dislike the coast, so Dream Homes located near an ocean are off my favorites list. Of course, there are always exceptions, and for me they would be the Oregon and Maryland homes because of their more modern style and nature-surrounded locations. Florida and other southern locations are not my favorites because I prefer cool, dry climates to warm, humid ones.

While I love New Mexico, the home there is located in an area that is a bit too exposed (I wish they had built closer to the nearby Cedar Crest area, which is more mountainous and tree-covered). To a lesser extent the same is true for the Utah house. Because of their settings, my favorite mountain homes would be the ones in North Carolina, Colorado, Vermont, and Lake Tahoe, CA. I did not become aware of the Dream Home Giveaway until 2006, so I am too unfamiliar with the Wyoming home to decide if it is a favorite.

How do I narrow down my preferences from six choices (Oregon, Maryland, North Carolina, Colorado, Vermont, and Lake Tahoe)? Here is where I get really nit-picky! Maryland is too hot and humid in the summer, and Vermont's home is too close to a main road, so that leaves four. California is too expensive, so three remain.

And from there I just can't decide which one I love the most! I am opinionated, but only up to a point. I will have to say that all three -- Oregon, North Carolina, and Colorado -- are my favorite HGTV Dream Homes!

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Loved this post! I like cats, but I am really a dog person. Wallpaper has never been a favorite of mine, but the Dog Park paper above just might make me change my mind! It even has Dalmatians on it, and I am a Dalmatian lover. In fact, we have a fair amount of Dalmatian decor in our house (although I try to keep it subtle for my husband's sake). I did find a Dalmatian rug recently on the Grandin Road website that I just had to have, and got it in both sizes:


They have quite a few dog-themed items on their site and keep adding more, so needless to say I am always on the lookout for more Dalmatians!

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For me, the right coffee table is almost as important as the perfect sofa. I like one that is solid wood, rectangular in shape with simple lines and a storage shelf beneath. It also has to be sturdy but casual enough to put my feet on comfortably as well as withstand the occasional rambunctious dog bumping onto it!

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I'm still obsessed with Virginia's clues. I think the Dream Home should have a playroom like this one, complete with giant chess set:


Since the third clue featured a lot of space age-related images, how about a futuristic sitting room with views of both sea and sky, complete with telescope:


Seriously, though, I know Brian Patrick Flynn will do a wonderful job even without any suggestions from me, and I look forward to seeing his design!

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Taking a cue from Virginia's clues, how about a minimalist Roseate Spoonbill-inspired living room for the Dream Home?


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My preference is the Contemporary Beachside option, but I would be relieved if the living room looked like anything but this:


(Although maybe Hokiemom would appreciate the big red alligator!)

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AAARGH! When you paste the link, remove the hashtag at the end and everything past it (all of which gets added on automatically for some reason) then hit return and the link should work!

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OK, that didn't work either, so let's try this link: