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The problem for your claim of "refute" is that global warming doesn't mandate that Arctic sea ice decrease linearly year after year.

You're not "refuting" what the theory says.

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How exactly would Iran destroy Israel given

Estimates as to the size of the Israeli nuclear arsenal vary between 75 and 400 nuclear warheads. It is estimated that the Israel nuclear deterrent force has the ability to deliver them by intermediate-range ballistic missile, intercontinental ballistic missile, aircraft, and submarine-launched cruise missile. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute estimates that Israel has approximately 80 intact nuclear weapons, of which 50 are for delivery by Jericho II medium-range ballistic missiles and 30 are gravity bombs for delivery by aircraft.


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Can we put a rig next to your bedroom window?

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Pikers compared to conservatives...

18:14 Thu 29 Jan

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Everyone to the left of Limbaugh didn't "disappear". We've been censored away.

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Hypocrisy is your greatest "luxury".

Without it, you'd be speechless.

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Takes one to know one.

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South Korea was left as a dictatorship, much to the displeasure of the South Koreans.

Suffice to say that the roles of US troops in Germany and Japan were a far cry from the attempted analogy BN is making with the US troops in Iraq.

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"Theory" in scientific parlance isn't "wild guess".

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We didn't keep troops in Germany, Japan, or Korea to protect their governments from the Germans, Japanese, or Koreans.

Our troops were there to serve as sacrificial lambs so that an invasion would be viewed as an attack on America and so bring the full might of our military upon the invader.

You're comparing apples and oranges, again.