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Another James O'Keefe agitprop hit-job of very dubious veracity.


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Another day, another siege by the reactionaries in the RWTDB.

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You know all about those things - misrepresentation and omission, ern.

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The GOP's claim to fame is being the Party of No. And, according to your own Jindal, the Party of Stupid.

Now, how will Congress work better by moving a Stupid No from the House to the Senate?

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It's unfortunate that Will didn't mention why the DP endorsed Gardner. They're actually of the belief that moving an obstructionist reactionary-right Koch puppet from the House to the Senate will lessen the GOP obstructionism in Congress. It's a shining example of complete and total illogic.

Other than that, the DP's argument was non-existent.

Now, as for Will's thesis that there's no "war on women" being waged by the GOP, let's see how women react to GOP dogma. Quite unfavorably, in the main. Why do you suppose that is, George?

When it comes to the issues that concern women (and really, anyone outside the Koch-provided bubble), what are the GOP's responses? "Fast-and-Furious!!! IRS!!! Ebola!!! BENGHAAAAAAAZI!!!!!!" Not very impressive.

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Moderators, when was the memo sent out that the Camera fora are to be an outlet for crude reactionary right agitprop astrotrolls? Look over the comments above and tell me that this is a place that welcomes discussion and debate. To do so would be a bald-faced lie. Every commenter to the left of John Birch has been censored out of existence, yet every extreme right-wing troll roams unchallenged.

Was this a corporate decision coming down from on high?

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There are two additional studies that should be mentioned:

Didier, Elizabeth; Vidau, Cyril; Diogon, Marie; Aufauvre, Julie; Fontbonne, Régis; Viguès, Bernard; Brunet, Jean-Luc; Texier, Catherine; Biron, David G.; Blot, Nicolas; El Alaoui, Hicham; Belzunces, Luc P.; Delbac, Frédéric (2011). "Exposure to Sublethal Doses of Fipronil and Thiacloprid Highly Increases Mortality of Honeybees Previously Infected by Nosema ceranae". PLoS ONE 6 (6): e21550. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0021550

Alaux, Cédric; Brunet, Jean-Luc; Dussaubat, Claudia; Mondet, Fanny; Tchamitchan, Sylvie; Cousin, Marianne; Brillard, Julien; Baldy, Aurelie; Belzunces, Luc P.; Le Conte, Yves (2010). "Interactions between Nosema microspores and a neonicotinoid weaken honeybees (Apis mellifera)". Environmental Microbiology 12 (3): 774–782. doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2009.02123.x

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One of the bigger problems I have with CS majors is that they tend to be faddish (sorry, but rewriting all our software in another language just because it's new and neat but otherwise not improving it in any way is not helpful) and are too often unwilling to polish projects to robust correctness and would rather work on something new.

Too neophile too much.

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This country has always done poorly by veterans, by and large...

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The concern the anti-abortion folks have over clinics is nothing more than crocodile tears.