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Girl, you should be sending that wedding to us. Seriously. (Also, Yay BABC!!!)

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It's such a good deal! We love BABC!

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Hi Adrianne,

There are varying factors that come into play for anyone deciding their budget, and location -- not your venue, but where you live -- plays a huge part of that. Dollars stretch very differently in different parts of the country. The current national average for a wedding is about $29.9K, which Meg is definitely closer to than any bride we've previously featured on the site (budgets in our book went up to $30K).

However, Meg also lives in a huge metropolitan area, which will immediately have an impact on a number of factors that may have an impact on her budget. Things cost more in big cities. She is also budgeting for 230 people. That's a lot of freaking people.

We hear from many brides in cities looking for advice and tips on how to trim costs, and readers have overwhelmingly voted our Real Bride series as their favorite because they get to see real examples. Money-saving, savvy tips are pretty universal.

We have also featured Real Weddings with budgets as low as $400, which pretty much covers the spectrum. There's no defined level of "brokeness" here at The Broke-Ass Bride, because everyone's in a different situation, but we want to help everyone equally.

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Yay! It's always nice to see BABs across all spectrums! Because it's not about HOW MUCH you spend, it's about HOW you spend it!

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That's certainly a possibility! I obviously want this to be as beneficial for BABs as possible, so however I can make that happen, I will!

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Whoops! Sorry about that, Robbin! All fixed now! Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks for having the cutest pupperdoos and being awesome!

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The paper I got doesn't shed a single dot of glitter, actually! They make much higher quality now than they used to. Note the lack of glitter dandruff in the photos :)

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Also, just to keep in mind, Pioneertown is literally STEPS away from Pappy & Harriets. No travel involved, other than walking out the back door of P&H and a few steps further into Pioneertown itself :)

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Whoa, Angelina. Let's take the unnecessary hostility down a notch, please. How people choose to spend their money for their wedding is a very personal choice. Sure advertising is hard core, but there are tons of super reasonably priced options available to even the most budget brides among us - from David's Bridal, to etsy, to off-the-rack styles at department stores. But feeling gorgeous and confident on your wedding day is a high priority for many brides, and if they have the money to splurge a bit on the dress, who can blame them? :)