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Hi Diana,
That's very kind of you to say. I appreciate you reading and your comments. Thank you!

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Hi Rebecca,
GREAT observations! I agree with you on many fronts. Hopefully Twilight becomes a model for how to integrate the sexual force (the eventual union of the two main characters is archetypally representative of this possibility)--albeit they can barely kiss in the first book of the series- which actually further supports your points. :)
On a personal note, I liked how she wrote about the tension being so strong between the characters even though they barely interacted (especially physically). It was a nice reminder that there is so much going on under the surface of our physical interactions. So, I again I am hopeful that this renewed awareness to the subtleties of relationship brings renewed possibility of further integration of all the parts of our humanness, including our sexuality. But, I agree with you, I'm not sure the author's motivations and my hope for the content's meaning are in alignment.
Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Ciao Michael! Thanks for reading, and thanks very much for your gracious comment :)

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Hi Jeb,
Thanks for reading! I'm glad you like this concept, and I really like your image of being a young man taking your bear with you through your life. It brings to mind a famous sculptor who sculpts a young Native American boy shooting a giant Grizzly in the back with an arrow, the sculpture is only one scene and it is the tense moment where the bear has turned around to look at the boy. There's something in that tension that I think is part of our lives, in that we're always engaging our bears and yet somehow remain unscathed even after accidental provocation! And I agree with you, sometimes I get the urge to Spring Clean in the fall, too.

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Hi Klaus,
Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I think you're really smart and honest to have noticed all the things you mentioned. I fill silent spaces sometimes too, as do most people I think. Funny that you say bloggers are guilty, I guess that's true! However, as I mentioned I think it is important to be kind to ourselves and understand this is a natural tendency for us all. I'm beginning to wonder if it is something we actually need too (in other words it isn't necessarily bad), albeit painful to realize.

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Hi Diana,
You do exist. Its rough coming to awareness of all these things that bring up powerful emotions, at least I know it is for me sometimes. Good for you for being so aware and pursuing knowledge of yourself and your situation. I wish you kindness and luck as you continue your journey.

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Hi Diana,
Interesting that you bring up your experience about not interrupting elders. I agree with you and have that same feeling that somehow elders are in a special category, as it were. As to your question about if age factors into this...the short, honest answer is that I don't know. The longer answer is that I hope not...I hope not because I would like to think I am learning everyday and where I was narcissistic before hopefully now I am more present and able to listen to another while feeling validated myself. But, you can likely see in my response what I wrote in my article which is that I may be a little idealistic still. I think there will always be a need for us to be the mirror for someone else, and ask them to do it for us, no matter what age, perhaps what fluctuates is the intensity and the frequency. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Thanks for reading Jerry!

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Thanks for reading and commenting Jennifer! You're not alone in your daily experiences! :)

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Thanks for reading and commenting! Congratulations on re-starting school! Yes, I agree, there is a way of being in the world that lends itself to the field of psychology and once you experience it, you'll likely never be far from it. I hope you enjoy exploring what this blog is about, and also your upcoming studies.