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Ballot Issue 300 is "a very dangerous citizen initiative" for developers, the 1%, and the far right forces ever so eager to destroy this community.

I have said it before and will continue to say to:

1) Developers are BAD NEWS for this community. Boulder deserves real architects—not developers.

2) Many if not most developers are parasites.

3) Many (not all) developers seem to be devoid of real talent; their greatest talents seem to revolve around currying favor with politicians.

4) Development as it has been so often practiced in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (and now the twenty first century) is all but completely obsolete. Boulder, America, and the Planet need to implement new paradigms for creating housing, infrastructure, and livable, environmentally sound urban space. The far right forces running this community (be they Republican or Democrat—it's pretty much the same corporate party in Boulder, Boulder County, and Colorado) have shown themselves completely incapable of clear thinking, well aside from lining their own pockets.

5) Far right and far left are all but indistinguishable in so many ways—just look at their buildings! Boulder is starting to look like East Berlin on a bad day; Erich Honecker would be both very gratified and very much at home along Canyon and Pearl Streets.

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And what a disaster.

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The People of Boulder should always be concerned, very concerned, anytime a Boulder politician "gets excited."

For a Boulder politician, "getting excited" usually means—you guessed it—more development.

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"When Carol Gibson's apartment complex in Superior, now called Bell Flatirons, was purchased in April by a national real estate company, she didn't think much would change."

Everything changes.

We need to demand Rent Control for private Real Estate companies—and no apologies. These companies probably only care about one thing: "How much money can we suck out of Boulder residents."

Like many developers, many of these companies are parasites.

Some time ago, I lived in a property which was owned by a wonderful Boulder family who really cared about the place. They eventually decided to sell the property to a Denver-based real estate company.

Instantly the place went down the tube. The rent immediately went up $100.00 a month, in short order the property was much less well maintained, and the residents became much less civil toward each other throughout the house.

I am sure this is a common story.

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123 calls it "conspiracy theories" and paranoia; we call it "business per usual."

He must be drinking that "harmless" glyphosate again.

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The PR industry must be very grateful to you.

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What a deeply immoral and deeply inhumane remark.

Such is what we can expect from the "Oil and Gas Mafia" as we call it along the Front Range.

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How can one make a "substantive comment" as you put it, when you fail year after year to comprehend what intelligent schoolchildren can easily grasp?

Alas, nothing new here. Perhaps Upton Sinclair said it best: "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"

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Well, thanks for the tip regarding organic industry employment!

I really could make a lot of money, but probably not as much as being a paid GMO advocate.

P.S. Yeah, too bad about Communistic/Capitalist China. (Far Left and Far Right are often very difficult to distinguish, now aren't they?) Suffice it to say that Chairman Mao's legacy is horrible beyond words.

P.P.S. And I will say it again: GMOs could yet do much good. But I am not optimistic about the status quo.