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"The dirty little secret here is that we have to grow."

What concerns me are the dirty big secrets.

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You are so right on. Boulder deserves so much better.

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Just fill in the blank following the ellipsis.

In fact, those "Bush years" which continue to loom over us have not helped anyone but the 1%!

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Agreed. The Bush years (which continue to this day) have not helped Boulder. In fact...

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Let's Destroy Boulder! A new play (a tragedy) brought to you by conservative forces (aka Corporate America).

* * *

"Let's Destroy Boulder or How Corporate America Destroyed the Front Range"


1) The GMO industry controls Boulder County and its open space—open especially for Monsanto.
2) Far right conservative interests and corporations control and destroy the University of Colorado.
3) The Boulder City Council is controlled by development cartels.
4) Front Range land and air is controlled and owned by the Oil and Gas Mafia--your property rights R our property rights!
5) Major highways to (and from!) Boulder are privatized and now Boulderites pay hundreds of extra dollars to travel to southern regions.

Of course, this tragedy is purely a work of fiction.

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Dear Subjects:

This message has been brought to you by your Oil and Gas Lords.

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Hello JakPott:

I really couldn't agree more.

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RollingStone, we have many points of agreement, but I don't quite follow you on this one.

The current "rule of law" is hopelessly corrupt. It's broken. It doesn't work. Well, certainly not for the middle and lower classes! The United States of America is a declining, dying nation because this "current rule of law" is largely dictated (and even written!) by Corporate America, not We the People. Americans have been too complacent with our bread and circuses for all too long, and corporations and their lawyers are only too happy to "oblige." Visionaries like Mary Smith, visionaries who genuinely care about their nation and their world, are well aware of this and may have some answers to help us through.

It's no secret: American jurisprudence has evolved (or rather devolved) into a vast, hopelessly obsolete monstrosity, monstrous in all too many ways. And considering the unprecedented complexity and size the of the United States in all of its many dimensions, the reasons are not far to seek. But that would be a project of many volumes.

A vignette. When you visit Washington, DC., you will notice a very large building to the east of a long carpet of grass and gravel, our National Mall. That large building, the United States Capitol, is possibly the most corrupt place on Earth, I am sorry to say. (But I am hardly alone in saying it). A very short walk east from the Capitol is the Supreme Court: home of Citizens United. Continuing on, a slightly longer walk to the northeast will soon take you to K street—especially if you happen to be a corporate lobbyist.

Imagine, all within walking distance...

* * *
One of the most persistent but pernicious adages we so often hear in America is:

"America is not a nation of people, but a nation of laws." Or words to that effect.

What an inhumane, monstrous construct this is. Laws must serve people; not the reverse! And I am hardly the first to say what should be so obvious. But tell that to a Wall Street lawyer. Tell that to a lobbyist. Tell that to a US Congressman. I can assure you that if they don't actually laugh at you right in your face, you will hear laughter in their throat as they walk away from you.

Oh, and one more thing: If you should get tired of K Street (and you should) and want to make your way back to the Capitol Hill area, just walk past the National Archives on the north side of the National Mall. And then pause.

Notice anything? Look closely. It's right there—and in granite, I believe.

Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.

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Hello tandp_colo:

Thank you very much for your astute comments and the link.