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Sooo many good luck comments this morning so will keep it going with my Good Luck to all. Hope to hear that a blogger wins this year so they can keep their fellow bloggers up to date on how their life and their families life has been changed. Good morning HGTV. Had your cup of coffee yet? Got everyone together for the spinning of the container full of numbers? Will it be from the computer or the bins? Only those at the drawing will know for a while. Have a fabulous day!! We here on the blog are sure looking forward to a hint.

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Mornin, the odds are with you so no mail ins might just have saved you a bit of the green stuff since the winner has always been from the online entries. Never been to Atlanta but would think that their winters are a bit milder than what you and I see. Atlanta would be nice for many of us who look to escape and be on a dream called "urban oasis". Good Luck!

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The what-ifs are sure a mystery that will be solved soon. Wasn't sure if a blogger had ever won yet so maybe this year can be the first. Last I did know, a mail in had never won. Most of us do try to throw in a mail in or two to the pot to give a chance on that. Did you enter any via mail? Have fun on the mountain waiting. We are getting some snow on our mountain now so will wake up to see the white stuff (thank goodness still "up there" and not down here yet). Good Luck!!!!

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Adding another CONGRATULATIONS! You won't even have to move far to move into your new home. Like HGTV noted, what are the odds in that? What a blessing for you and your kids! No better present and way to end 2014.

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Time to sit back (a little bit) and read the comments to the entry time being over. Just realized that part of my dinner tonight has a little down south flair (thinking of the Atlanta, GA, area where this years urban oasis is and the winner will be enjoying). The side dish is black eyed peas but has a little southwest flair too (notice I am in AZ) with habaneros and hot green chilis added in with the tomatoes, onions, and black forest pork bacon. Hope everyone has their fingers, and maybe toes too, crossed as we all hope to be the winner of this years home. Best of Luck to all of you devoted urban oasis followers. Thank you HGTV for another fantastic home and keep the dreams coming.

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Made it through another urban oasis and now the biting of the nails starts as we all wait for the announcement of the winner. Good Luck to All!!!!

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Thank you for your special message about this garden and the lovely pictures. What a nice get away from the construction site of the Blog Cabin. Great Find!! Good Luck to all and to that special winner of this years home, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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"You are the winner of this years Blog Cabin!" Oh, to hear those words. What would I do? First things first. Take a deep breath and think about what I just heard. Oh my! Lots of thank yous and can't believe its and then listen to what I am supposed to do next from HGTV/DIY. Of course, the family would have to get the first calls to say that it is time to get packed for the upcoming trip to see the Blog Cabin up close. From there I like the comments made previously about taking a private tour of the home and sitting out on the deck to watch the water. Maybe heading out to the garden to see what is ripe and making the first meal from what is there would be wonderful. Planning on where the artwork from Chris G. is a must also. What will he/she who wins this home do first? Not much longer to find this out and we shall see if they responded to the question on the blog to see what they wrote and if they did what they had written. Good Luck!!!

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The comment was supposed to be about the interior liked best but like the garden area so much this time of year. Looking at all the good stuff growing makes me hungry for a wonderful salad (hum, maybe that will be lunch and thinking about what the Blog Cabin winner would be putting in their salad from their garden). Time is going fast so it is practically around the corner that a winner will be chosen. Will it be you? Thanks HGTV for another fabulous home and a chance to win it and other goodies designed through the Blog Cabin process.

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Thanks for the comparison. I have been wondering how this year compares to last year. You have kept all of our hopes alive too! I hope to see some pictures on the 14th. That gives the ambush crew time to do the ambush on the weekend and do all the film editing on Monday which is a normal work week for many so the editing crew would not have to pull a weekend to get the info online. Good luck to ALL!