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The Green pant suit, susanna rice, and king hussein obama believe this to be the spontaneous response to an internet video.

Hussein appeared on Face the Nation and further mocked Romney by stating that "the 80s called and wanted their foreign policy back".

In unrelated news nancy pelosi, when asked about the surging influx of illegal alien minors at the US souther border, stated "children love cake, let them eat cake". While Harry Reid maintained his stance that the Earth is flat and the southern border is secure.

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Riding a bicycle on roads made for autos is just plain reckless. The poor man gambled and lost.

Boulder demographics? Jury probably was comprised of skinny, spandex-wearin, IT dbags that ride bicycles to work. Even these liberal nut-jobs found the truck driver not guilty.

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Cmon now, this is just not believable. You never beat up anybody in your entire life.

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That made me chuckle.

I wonder if obamacare provided the medical care for the injured Dem? Oh wait, no, the healthcare system has always provided free healthcare to 51 percenters like this. It wouldn't surprise me if Sebelius herself enrolled him on his way out of the ER though to get the numbers up.

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CU should get rid of their "academic" program entirely and just field minor league football and basketball programs.

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But he won't.

In 1 year macintyre posted the same amount of wins that embree did in 2. The stats say that macintyre is twice as good as embree. I say so also. The only thing McCartney was right about was promisekeepers.

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Yeah, kinda like how women almost always get lighter sentencing for an identical conviction just because they are female. Or females receiving preferential treatment in child custody or divorce proceedings.

I hear ya.

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CNN is the channel putting forth the conspiracy theories. They'll change their name to "The Missing Airplane Channel" soon. They'll bring back Piers Morgan and Alec Baldwin after the name change.

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How embarrassing for CU. Yet more evidence of the true nature of U of C. The thought control and brainwashing by the faculty and administration that goes on at this publicly funded institution is disturbing.

Oh, and regarding the Nobel prizes won by faculty members at CU, well they're tarnished because this silly organization gave a Peace Prize to His Majesty just for duping the handout half of the American public into electing him. Nobel Piece of sh prize is what it should be changed to.

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Basketball has far better athletes than football, but regardless didn't az beat cu in football the past couple seasons? Your nonsensical argument seems to be based on how much money the NFL generated last year. News flash - CU does not have an NFL franchise nor does UA.