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The problem with your starting lineup is that you're playing 2 guys out of position and Fletcher isn't capable of being a starting 3 at this point.

Wes is the best 5 on the team so let him stay there. XJ is the best 4 on the team so let him stay there. Miller, Scott, and Thomas can back them up.
Keep Collier at the 1 and use Fortune and Hopkins at the 2 and 3. Maybe George King can provide some punch at the 3 but I personally don't think Fletcher will be able to provide valuable minutes at the 3 until he is a Senior.

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Nice try,

You're the buffoon whose unintelligible garble on this blog makes you appear to be drunk.

NOTE 1: Pull your head up out of the gutter before posting some more nonsense. Although it is truly so stupid I derive enjoyment from it laughing at your idiocy.

NOTE 2: Who gives a crap what your views are on Mac.

NOTE 3: Your personal insults to anyone that disagrees with your very narrow-minded perspective always follow the same theme. Something about inbred genetics or some such drivel. You probably thought that up when you looked in the mirror.

Who was correct regarding the basketball team? What an idyet.

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You're so critical of the candidates and speculative rejections, please put forth your list of viable candidates for the open position and please don't mention any of the former Embree staff that were justifiably FIRED for complete incompetence.

From what I can tell you're still angry that Embree and the boys were dumped. Why else would you be so critical of this new Head Coach? You're not a Buff fan you are an Embree fan. Good luck with that.

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"this year's best player" Please. 4th best. maybe 5th best.

XJ is the best 4 on the team and Gordon is the best 5. Can Scott play 3? That's where we need someone to step up.

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We desperately need a wing that can shoot.

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Arguably is correct. No way is he the best player. Without Booker the buffs don't win a single game.

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I went to high school with Greg so that makes him pretty cool.

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The problem with this team is twofold:
Josh Scott just isn't very good(I have to laugh at the bandwagon jumpers that kept saying Josh would be POY P12).
Tad Boyle is enamored with athletes but not so much with good smart basketball players.

The last I checked the game was about putting the ball through the hole.

Give Askia and XJ the green light, take the wraps off of Colier and Miller, and play Wes or Josh at the 5 for rebounding/defense. Do not play both at the same time.

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CU players rated 2 stars or less: Gillam, Adkins, DD Goodson, McCulloch, Greg Henderson, Derek McCartney, Witherspoon, Olugbode, George Frazier, Christian Shaver, Gus Handler, Will Pericak, Bahktiari, Nate Solder, Rotney Stewart, Brad Jones, Jalil Brown, Chapelle Brown, Ben Burney, Brian Iwuh, Jeff Smart .....

Ever notice how every year nebraska has a top 15 recruiting class but they very rarely compete for anything meaningful.

Stars don't mean krapp.

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No, nebraska is.