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It is the daily camera Delburt. C'mon get a clue.

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Well, how do you explain Vince Young then?

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Didn't they move Dijon inside as well?

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attaboy erie.

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If we have to burn the redshirts of Franke and Matthewes then I'm of the opinion that McIntire yank the schollies of Kafovalu and Leo Jackson and use them for the 2015 recruiting class.

It's kind of like that lineman Sione Tau that burned a scholly year after year for 5 years and was ineligible due to academics for 4.5 of them. It doesn't matter how good they look in practice if they are ineligible. Wasted scholarships.

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Where do they have him practicing CB or WR?

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What happened to henderschidt at the DP. Must've got his dream assignment covering the holers for the Denver area.

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check out a previous article in the DC regarding Olugbode's ability to cover the slot or TE from an ILB position. Supposedly it will open some eyes this fal.

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Well it's too bad that leo jackson didn't come through(didn't pass summer school?) and kafovalu screwed up his academics because the greatest need for CU is to replace chidera and put some pressure on the qb. To go from bad to worse I heard that reid and henington have been injured on the 1st day of camp. I'm downgrading from 6 wins to 5. and if callahan is not eligible then i'm downgrading to 4 wins.

1 of those 4 wins will be csu. no way do those deebaggs even come close to beating colorado. grayson is not very good and you don't even need to apply pressure to force mistakes.

the same cannot be said for the P12. no pressure on the qb and it wont matter how improved the 2ndary is or how well olugbode can cover the tight end.

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Voter registration drive for the dems and public enemy number 1 (BHO).