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I went to high school with Greg so that makes him pretty cool.

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The problem with this team is twofold:
Josh Scott just isn't very good(I have to laugh at the bandwagon jumpers that kept saying Josh would be POY P12).
Tad Boyle is enamored with athletes but not so much with good smart basketball players.

The last I checked the game was about putting the ball through the hole.

Give Askia and XJ the green light, take the wraps off of Colier and Miller, and play Wes or Josh at the 5 for rebounding/defense. Do not play both at the same time.

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CU players rated 2 stars or less: Gillam, Adkins, DD Goodson, McCulloch, Greg Henderson, Derek McCartney, Witherspoon, Olugbode, George Frazier, Christian Shaver, Gus Handler, Will Pericak, Bahktiari, Nate Solder, Rotney Stewart, Brad Jones, Jalil Brown, Chapelle Brown, Ben Burney, Brian Iwuh, Jeff Smart .....

Ever notice how every year nebraska has a top 15 recruiting class but they very rarely compete for anything meaningful.

Stars don't mean krapp.

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No, nebraska is.

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Please God, no more Gehrke.

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I don't think that Gehrke will ever be the answer, but next year Awini might be. Sefo has now started 15 or 16 games and consistently struggles to a) throw to his left b) throw horrible interceptions on a per game basis c) stare down his primary receiver approx 50% of the time.

I like him, he's tough, durable, fairly accurate, and is now starting to run the ball and make the correct zone read when appropriate. How long does Mc give him though? I'd say that if he hasn't progressed past these shortcomings by the end of the season-opener next year then give Awini or someone else a chance.

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Interesting that Kough has jumped in front of Callahan, Cotner, and Wiefels. Gotta love those gray-shirts.

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What do you mean by duel threat? He's good at 50 paces with a 6 shooter?

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Yes, the problems from the second half of last year carry over to this year.

Well of course Dinwiddie would have changed that. That is the point. When he was gone backcourt play suffered, as did perimeter shooting and having a crunch-time player. He's not back on the team is he?

I always discount Freshmen. Burks and Dinwiddie are the only 2 freshmen in the last 10 years that are notable exceptions.

I always "hope" things will be improved also but I won't know for certain until I see it.

Graubau would be a "perfect" fit on most teams if what you need is perimeter shooting.
Baylor probably doesn't need him but I think most average shooting teams (CU included) could use him.

You say you are trying to define the weak points in this years team. Me too. I base my definition on the obvious problems from last years team. You base yours on some rah rah cheerleader articles in the DC.

That is all.