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yeah, the woot-offs have been getting less exciting than they used to. from what I recall reading (unless I imagined it), the original founder of Woot is starting a new Woot type of a website. Maybe his no-compete agreement ended. It was a short website name, but can't remember it right now.

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thanks for catching it! it is now corrected!

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very good points! it will be interesting to see how 4K plays out. Will it be lukewarm like the various 3D attempts or gain more support like 1080p/BluRay? Are there enough 4K early adopters willing to pay Panasonic's high price? It may also go after and against some of the camcorders with the big zoom ratio lenses since this offers a 1-inch sensor and RAW imaging.

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the prices are crazy low with one or two lenses! Just a few years ago one had to pay close to $200 to get a decent AA-powered P&S camera with a tiny 1/2.x" sensor. Now it's an interchangeable with a 1-inch sensor and RAW and other goodies!

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LOL! Unless they are saving those for the Monday sessions now. But still, neither bags nor tripods/monopods combined is a shocker! :) Or maybe bags are doing the rain and snow seasons?

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The Wordpress blog is not up yet. Typepad hasn't had an outage this week, so I slacked off the Wordpress project! It is going to look (at least initially) like the Camera Reviews Stream, using the default/standard WP Twenty Ten (I believe) theme. It's very lightweight and simple!

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yeah, they seem to be shifting away from big deals like the old days. Perhaps the razor thin profit margins of both the camera manufacturers and Amazon's partially got in the way?

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yeah, it's interesting, at times if one wants a lens, it may make more sense to buy a camera with the lens bundled than going after the lens on its own. They are probably try to encourage/subsidize new users with the camera+lens combos and once hooked, then recoup some of their "subsidies" with lens purchases.?

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Maybe it was the Mother's Day Gift Buying Week that caused this? So many people buying on deadline, so Monday plus 2-day shipping would get gifts for Photographer-Moms right before Sunday with a small margin of error?

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I understand that you may be upset that your topics of interest are no longer covered. That's understandable.

Going into troll territory though, is not. First of all, the statement "none of your readers care about" is false. You did not ask every person what they are interested in. You did not look at the website statistics to see what people are reading.

You obviously did not read the whole blog-post above. As stated there, most of the regular features on this blog depended on following the Newscycle non-stop. By no longer following the newscycle non-stop, a lot of regular features (new reviews, new camera announcements, new news, round-ups, etc) are no longer possible. The "Camera Deals blog" is a self-contained project. It doesn't depend on the Newscycle. You can post as little or as much.

Then you go into "entitled internet user" territory. God forbid someone "makes money". Do you decline your paycheck at work? Or do you have the financial flexibility so you don't have to work? Either way, the rest of us have bills to pay. Besides, it's not like you had to pay a single penny to read any of the contents of these blogs. Thousands of blog-posts in five years, hundreds of hours of work per month, and you paid $0 to read, and you still complain about "money"? If anyone was to bring the subject of money, shouldn't I be the one asking for subscription-donations for all the free content I provided non-stop?